How to install the Bright App on MacOS

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Download Bright

To install the Bright App, you must first download the app. To download the app, visit and click 'Download for Mac'

Install the Bright App

  1. Open the Finder, and select 'Downloads' in the left pane. Next, double-click on 'BrightSessions.dmg' to mount the disk image file: 1.png
  2. You will see a drive icon appear in the upper right hand of your desktop that looks similar to a hard drive, double-click the icon to now open the disk image file:2.png
  3. In the window that opens, you will see the Bright app, simply drag this to the applications tab/folder as shown in the next two images: 3.png  4.pngCongratulations, you've successfully installed the Bright App!

If you had any issues along the way, try these steps over, one-by-one. You may also care to uninstall the Bright app before attempting to reinstall.

Clean Up

To clean up after installation, simply remove the disk image from your desktop by dragging it to the trash:5.png

You may also choose to move the 'BrightSessions.dmg' file from your Downloads folder to the Trash if you do not plan to reinstall the app.


If you need any further help installing the app, please Submit a Request.


To uninstall the Bright app, please see How to uninstall the Bright App on MacOS.

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