What is Bright?

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What is Bright?

Bright is a live video conversation platform offering inspiring and entertaining learning experiences from today's most intriguing and talented leaders and people. On Bright, participants have face-to-face access to their favorite global creators, icons, and experts within an intimate and live setting. Bright is the new way to listen, talk, and learn with incredible people about their unique perspectives on your favorite topics.  

Bright is the place to participate in extraordinary conversations and gain actionable insights, advice, and instruction. While inspired by the classroom, Bright is not a school. Bright is not about grades or degrees, it is about sharing life lessons that help you level up your life. 


What sort of experiences are on Bright?

You can expect dynamic conversations led by the very people who live and breathe the topics you care about. With a full spectrum of successful creators joining all the time, Bright is always moving the discussion forward. Bright has something for everyone—learn how to build your business, make delicious food, tune your body, and lift your mind and spirit. We aim for a balanced mix of formal and informal, from the specifics of how to make amazing videos on your social platforms, to career advice from industry veterans, to designing the kitchen of your dreams. 


What makes Bright different?

We believe that learners come from all walks of life and that amazing conversations happen when barriers to communication get out of the way. Bright puts the audience front and center and provides the opportunity for direct exchanges with category leading creators ready to share their perspective. This unprecedented access makes Bright the best place to enjoy direct conversations with people you admire. From stars and legends, to the leaders of industries you want to crack into, Bright’s creators are the guiding lights defining their fields, and Bright is the place to engage them live. 


What's a typical session like?

We know your time is valuable, so most sessions run for an hour. Designed for participation and discussion, the creators introduce themselves and define the parameters of the session. No two sessions are exactly alike, but typically there's an overview of the topic and some actionable perspective on it. Throughout the session you'll be able to type your questions into the group chat that the creators and audience all see. Creators bring users up onto the stage with them to address their questions and comments directly. Conversations flow, information is shared and explored, and you have the opportunity to learn while seeing and hearing from remarkable people.   

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