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Hello from Bright!

Our goal at Bright is to enable learning through real conversations with people you admire. To achieve this, Creators and Participants must interact in ways that promote positive, thoughtful, and safe interactions. These Community Guidelines, along with our Terms of Service, were created to help everyone understand the rules of the Bright community. To ensure we can protect our Participants and Creators, we reserve the right to remove any content including text, sessions, videos, live streams, audio files, or images that violate our Community Guidelines. 

Additionally, while these guidelines cover the majority of what we expect from our Participants and Creators, this is a living document that we will adjust as needed to support the needs of our community.  With this in mind, we reserve the right for our moderators to remove any content we deem to be inappropriate, even if it doesn’t appear to directly violate these Community Guidelines. If your content was removed, or if you wish to report a violation, you may contact us at

Please note that severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service will result in suspension or termination of your account, which may include being reported to the appropriate authorities.


Do’s and Don’ts


Be yourself. The best connections happen when people can express themselves authentically. Don’t impersonate others or misrepresent who you are. This also means you cannot share your account with others, be a proxy for anyone else, transfer or resell session tickets, or use a bot to access our services. 

✅ Be respectful. The conversations on our platform are real, unique, and thoughtful. If a Creator invites you on stage, stay on-topic with the session’s subject and don’t use the stage for any kind of self-promotion or unrelated exhibition. These exciting moments are being recorded and may later be published to people around the world. Think and act as if you were in a public place. 

✅ Stick to the facts. Our Creators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and will engage in interesting and thought-provoking topics. While everyone is entitled to opinions, we also recognize that sharing disproven theories has the potential to be harmful or distressing to others. In an effort to stay true to our mission as a learning platform, please only share information that is factual. Misinformation, denial of historical events, and conspiracy theories have no place on Bright.

✅ Respect everyone’s privacy. Our Creators are passionate about sharing personal stories and knowledge with you. Sessions can be intimate experiences and Creators may open up with special details that aren’t intended for the rest of the world to hear. Please be respectful of everyone’s personal boundaries. If you are a Creator sharing information or media with your Supporters, please respect any publisher pre-release dates, NDAs, or embargos.

✅ Contribute to Bright’s community. Don’t be afraid to ask a Creator thoughtful questions during a Session, that’s why they’re here! We also ask that you help us continue to make Bright the best place to learn, collaborate, and connect through thought-provoking conversations. If you come across something that doesn’t seem right, reach out to us.

✅ Respect Intellectual Property & Copyrights. Bright is a place to share what is most authentically you and observe the same from others. To encourage a safe space for creativity, you are only allowed to share content that is your own and for which you wholly have the rights and license to share in a live, recorded environment. Sharing something that belongs to someone else in any capacity can violate their intellectual property or copyrights and is a violation of these Community Guidelines and Bright’s Terms of Service.



Don't harass anyone or engage in hate speech. Bright is a welcoming and positive community that aims to uplift and educate in sessions. We expect Supporters and Creators to be supportive and never make hurtful, repetitive, or antagonizing comments. It is not ok to attack others based on beliefs, identity, or attributes such as age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

❌ Don't make violent threats against yourself or others. We take our users’ safety seriously. Do not threaten to harm Creators or other Supporters, including attempts to blackmail or share personal information. This also includes threats or promotion of self-harm. If a user expresses an intention to self-harm, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can provide the right resources. If you are considering harming yourself, please reach out to The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

❌ Don't share content that can detract from a Bright session. Bright does not allow nudity, pornography, or other sexually explicit content. Gore, graphic violence, and shocking/obscene content also violate these Guidelines. Please be mindful of your background during live video conversations. This includes other people, items, posters, or photos that might become a distraction during or after a Bright session.

❌ Don't use Bright to promote, support, or organize violent extremism. Sessions are spaces of positive, productive learning and growth. To maintain that, we need to protect our community from any danger on or off-platform. Any acts or attempts to spread or organize terroristic activity will not be tolerated.

❌ Don't exploit minors. Bright is a platform for individuals 16 and older. Child exploitation of any kind is strictly prohibited on Bright and we will engage with law enforcement, as appropriate. Do not use Bright to sexualize minors or attempt to collect children’s data in any way.

❌ Don't engage in illegal activity, promote prohibited or dangerous items, or provide federally regulated goods. Activities and content that could harm others physically and/or financially have no place on Bright. Sessions may not be used for games of chance. We also prohibit firearms, illegal drugs, and controlled substances. Additionally, goods that are illegal or regulated in your state cannot be included in the price of admission. Bright does not allow and is not responsible for the use of these goods.

❌ Don't circumvent bans or attempts to manipulate Bright’s platform. Bans on Bright are taken seriously. Signing up for multiple accounts, evading suspension/ban through a duplicate account, or gaming Bright’s system for any reason will result in further actions against your account(s).

❌ Don't spam in any way or scam others. Bright believes in authenticity. Unwanted and excessive messaging, repetitive unrelated content, and attempts to deceive others are not allowed. When someone is talking, please let them finish. Cross-talk is discouraged.

❌ Don't abuse our report system. We take each report seriously and want to make sure we keep Bright safe for our community. Making a false support claim prevents us from helping others.



Please tell us if...

If you discover any accounts or content you feel may violate our Community Guidelines, please let us know.


Thank you for being an important part of Bright’s community.

Ask questions, get engaged, make connections, and have fun!

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